String Quartet 4.2

Jos. A. Baran


Like my previous compositions for the string quartet this one follows the European Symphonic Sonata format as well, but with a little twist:  the first subject of the Exposition is a 12-tone row. The row was determined by the roll of a 12-sided music-note dice cube.  The original string of notes had three 2-note clashes (25% of the row) I couldn’t accept and so artistic license prevailed. Three swaps later there was a tone row I could work with.  (I didn’t log the changes.)

The second subject couldn’t be based on a change in key so I reversed the row. It is focused on off-kilter rhythms.

In the beginning (and at the Recapitulation) a fugue-like approach is used in the first subject.

For the Development, the first three notes of subject #1 row are played then followed by a 12-note run of 8th-note triplets from subject #2  row.  The process is repeated for the remaining notes in subject #1.  During this sequence, subject #2 is repeated as before but modulated.


Music from the Show

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