i.m. Baron

Song Composer (ASCAP)
Guitarist / Singer

i.m. Baron  evokes the paranormal for inspiration. 

This self-proclaimed master of Macabre Rock - a corrupted Catholic forced into exile for not playing well with others - has returned from the neighborhoods of haunted houses, graveyards and laboratories of questionable science; and distilled from the horrors of his journeys has produced a data stream of songs intended to reanimate the dead.  

His mentors are Top 40 AM Radio, Louis Prima, Musicals, Spike Jones, Little Richard, The Ventures, Chuck Berry, British Invasion, Paul Revere and the Raiders, the Association, Zappa, Hendrix, Page, McLaughlin, Coltrane, Big Band, Avant Garde, Charles Ives, Sex Pistols, Terry Riley, Roger Corman, H.P. Lovecraft.

When performing undead his orchestra consists of vocals accompanied by a 120-volt acoustic guitar.

The master dwells on the outskirts of a metropolis where he dreams without punctuation.