From the recording The Fuzzy Dice Man Cometh

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This a representation of “Constellation According to the Laws of Chance -1930” artist: Jean (Hans) Arp. A grid where both the X and Y- axis determine the pitch and the Z-axis representing note time/duration is a series of concentric rings.
The scales used are whole tones starting on C and C#. At the center of the rings are C4 and C#4. C4 is plotted along the vertical axis going up to the C7s and going down to the C1s. C#4 is plotted along the horizontal axis going right to the C#7s and going left to the C#1s.
Time begins in the center and moves outward through each ring in clockwise fashion. The rings are divided into quarters with each quarter segment being one beat in 4/4 time. Wherever the black and white images appear there is a note. On occasion artistic license was applied.